Our Story

Light a candle. Brighten your life.

Be Bright is a lifestyle brand featuring hand-poured soy candles with strong and sophisticated scents that fill your home with joy.  Our candles are formulated to have a strong "hot throw", which is how much fragrance you can smell while it is burning in your room. We only use phthalate-free cosmetic-grade fragrance oils in our candles, sustainable USA-grown soy wax, and cotton wicks that are both lead-and-zinc free.


Be Bright candles were created by Lauren Thorp for her boutique, Bonboni Mercantile Co., in St. Louis, Missouri. After seeing our customers' excitement for our candles in 2019, Lauren created a stand-alone brand so that people across the country can have access to our candles and be inspired to live bright lives.

Your purchase helps make others' lives brighter: 10% of the revenue from each candle purchased is donated to non-profit organizations that provide job skills training to women.



A small word with many meanings, we desire to live our lives embodying all of the definitions of bright.

​Bright, adjective /brīt/

  1. giving out or reflecting a lot of light; shining.

  2. (of a person, idea, or remark) intelligent and quick-witted.

  3. giving an appearance of cheerful liveliness.

  4. (of someone's future) likely to be successful and happy.

  5. having a vivid color.