New beginnings

Light a candle. Brighten your life.

Light a candle; brighten your life. 

Light a candle; brighten your life.  This is not just a fancy slogan for our company but an all-encompassing way of operating for us. Our sense of smell is incredibly powerful and can have a tremendous impact on our mood; our candles are formulated to brighten your life by creating an uplifting scent that envelops your home. Plus, your purchase helps make others' lives brighter.  10% of the revenue from each candle purchased is donated to non-profit organizations that provide women with job skills training.




You are cherished beyond your wildest dreams. Be Cherished is a sophisticated floral fragrance with earthy hints of white tea. Warm and comforting like a hug from your best friend, this year-round scent will uplift your spirits.


"I absolutely love your candles. I can't get enough of them. The scent is strong, but not overbearing. They fills my home with such beautiful smells. Can't wait to buy more!" - Laura M.

"I'm hooked. Be Bright candles are hands down the best candle I have found. They burn beautifully and cleanly. -Erin R.


Support the movement of making lives brighter. 

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